Symbol FTC
Established 16.04.2013
Website URL Link
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Founder Peter Bushnell
Algorithm NeoScrypt
Protocol POW
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Feathercoin is a cryptocurrency that came online in 2013. Originally, it was a Litecoin clone with just a few differences. However, throughout its lifetime, Feathercoin has been implementing its own innovative ideas as well.

There are various ways to get Feathercoins. Users can get coins through mining using their hardware power and free software. Or they can buy Feathercoins on online exchangers. Additionally, there is a special online service where users can buy and sell goods and services in Feathercoins.

Due to the fact that cryptocurrency-denominated transactions cost less than fiat money in terms of fees, merchants can sell their products at lower prices and thus attract more customers.

Payments are processed almost momentarily. Using Feathercoin is easy and absolutely safe. Your private data remains anonymous.


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