Symbol EXP
Established 13.09.2015
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
Off. announcement​ Link
Founder Christopher Franko
Algorithm Dagger-Hashimoto
Protocol POW
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Expanse is a blockchain-based decentralized online service platform. Despite the fact that Expanse was based on Ethereum’s foundation, its creators managed to create a unique product, whose main feature is the community-governed platform.

Christopher Franko, the creator of Expanse, announced the launch of the platform in September 2015. Since then, Expanse has been rapidly gaining popularity and has attracted a great number of users and miners. The total amount of Expanse coins is capped at 11 million EXP.

The platform uses the PoW protocol, its block time is 60 seconds and the current reward is 8 EXP. The systems runs on the Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm.

Expanse coins can be traded on various online exchangers. Expanse wallet is available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Expanse continues to grow and develop. This platform is a gateway to smart contracts and blockchain technologies.


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