Symbol ETH
Established 30.07.2015
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Founder Vitalik Buterin
Algorithm Dagger-Hashimoto
Protocol POW
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Ethereum was proposed by a 19-year old Canadian programmer of Russian descent, Vitalik Buterin, in late 2013 and in 2014 he described it as "A Next-Generation Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Application Platform."

Ethereum has been the center of attention of JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, and IBM. They see this platform as an “improved version of Bitcoin” or “Bitcoin 2.0”. According to many experts, Ethereum’s success was caused by technical difficulties in bitcoin transaction processing and discord among members of the bitcoin community. Because of this, many investors and businesses decided to switch to other cryptocurrencies.

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum is based on a public blockchain, but offers something more: programmable transaction functionality, called “smart contracts”. “Smart contacts” are electronic algorithms which describe sets of conditions that trigger changes in the real world or digital systems. Thus, many kinds of contractual relationships can be partially of fully executed all by themselves. For example, insurance payments, tax payments, salary payments and bookmaker payouts.

By the way, the Ethereum platform can be used by anyone who wants to launch their own cryptocurrency. It is useful for startups, bonus programs and so on. In order to do that, you do not have to be a programmer.


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