Symbol ETH
Established 29.09.2014
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Algorithm Transaction fee
Protocol POS
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Ethercoin was launched in 2014. The creators of this currency explained that their aim was to give people who missed the official Etherum sale an opportunity to buy Ethers. To turn their plans into reality, the creators managed to set a redemption ratio for Ethers at 1:1. Thus, people who bought Ethercoins could convert them into the same amount of Ether.

When Ethereum launched the presale of its much-anticipated, platform-specific altcoin, Ether, it caused a frenzy in the community and the response has been extremely positive, with over 7 million Ether (ETH) sold within 12 hours.

There is an Ether reserve fund that was created to maintain the health of this cryptocurrency. Approximately, there is one million Ether stored in that fund.

Ethercoin uses the proof-of-stake blockchain method. Ethercoin wallets are available on Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu. Users can get Ethercoins on the official website or on third-party platforms such as Escrow.


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