Symbol EL
Established 31.12.2015
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Algorithm Base Ethereum
Protocol POS/POT
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This recently appeared digital currency is the first currency that was based on a merger of the blockchain and smart contracts technologies. ElCoin’s creators wanted to develop a safe and easy to use cryptocurrency that would be available to anyone around the world.

The Proof of Stake system rewards users that have a positive account balance and make transactions on a regular basis. Every 10 days such individuals get rewarded with a certain percentage of the minimum account balance they’ve had within the last 10 days. This percentage is calculated in accordance with a table placed on ElCoin’s website. As of now, the reward is fixed at 40% and decreasing by 10% every 90 days. But it will never get lower than 10%.

ElCoin uses cutting-edge technologies for data protection. It employs the multi-signature technology to ensure the safety of every financial operation. For instance, every ElCoin wallet transaction must be confirmed three times - one time by the wallet owner and two times by the ElCoin Foundation system.

The ElCoin website is available in different languages. There are many guides and advice on how you can use ElCoin.

ElCoin wallet is available on Android and on the web. Windows, OS X, Linux and iOS versions are under development.


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