Symbol EDRC
Established 26.01.2016
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
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Founder Charles Cheng
Algorithm SHA-256
Protocol POS
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EDRCoin was launched on March 26, 2016, and 2 months later it was actively traded on the most famous trading platforms such as Yobit.net, Bittylicious, C-CEX, Alcurex.org, and ExRates.me.

EDRCoin is a modern decentralized eco-friendly cryptocurrency which takes pride in its green mining principle. The company relies on sustainable energy-efficient policies when in comes to generating money.

EDRcoin is a unique product since during its production no carbon is released, and it uses modern alternative energy sources. This success was made possible through a partnership with independent private firms throughout the world.

EDRCoin is a currency that was created to save Earth’s resources. It was designed in such a way that by using EDRCoins you contribute to forest conservation and solar power development.

EDRCoin uses the Proof-of-Stake security mechanism and Scrypt hashing.

EDRCoin is highly protected from external threats, cyber attacks and theft, but in order to access these features, users have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

EDRCoin mining will be permanently halted on December 31, 2017, therefore the total number of EDRCoins depends on user activity and will be determined on that date.


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