Symbol DGB
Established 10.01.2014
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
Off. announcement​ Link
Founder DigiByte
Algorithm SHA256, Scrypt, Qubit, Skein, Groestl
Protocol POW
Reviews 0 / 0

DigiByte is a cryptocurrency that helps people around the world make fast and secure money transfers and online payments. Unlike other payment systems, DigiByte makes it possible to process transactions with the lowest or even no fees. This currency is well-known and available in more than eighty countries.

It is easy and fast to make financial transactions with DigiByte, as it allows you to send and receive money in just a few seconds, without registration or signing in.

All transactions are highly secure thanks to a number of up-to-date encryption technologies. You can earn DigiBytes by posting a special message on twitter, by exchanging bitcoins for DigiBytes or even by playing certain games and getting free coins as a reward. DigiBytes coins can always be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. There are numerous services and merchants who accept DigiBytes.

DigiByte wallet is available on various platforms: Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and more.

If you have any questions concerning DigiByte, you can read through the F.A.Q. section on the website.


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