Symbol DMD
Established 13.07.2013
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
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Founder JohnLuc
Algorithm Groestl
Protocol POW/POS
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Diamond appeared in 2013 and since then has managed to attract numerous customers around the world and to build a stable client base.

Diamond is relatively rare, as only 4,3 million coins will ever be created. The value of DMD is maintained by the PoS rates. Initially, the annual reward rate was 50%. Currently, it is 25% and as soon as the total amount of coins reaches 2,5 million, it will come down to 5%.

This currency is absolutely secure and there is no chance anyone can access your money without your permission.

All transactions are carried out rapidly and safely. You don't have to wait much time until your transfer is complete. Diamond is able to take care of it almost instantly.

The PoS system is eco-friendly, since it reduces electricity consumption.

You can mine DMD or buy it on online exchangers. Diamond wallet is a tool for sending and receiving money. This currency allows its users to make instant payments and money transfers with almost zero fees.

The Diamond website is available in three languages and contains some useful articles and guides.


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