Symbol DSH
Established 05.07.2014
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Founder slb
Algorithm CPU mining, CryptoNight
Protocol POW
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Dashcoin is a cryptocurrency that was launched on July 5, 2014. The purpose of Dashcoin is to be a perfect mirror image of Bytecoin, the first CryptoNote-based cryptocurrency.

Dashcoin is a futuristic anonymous cryptocurrency and the first automatically mutating cryptocurrency. Its network code is always up to date and almost error free. Developers play an insignificant role in all this since Dashcoin is an absolutely autonomous financial stream. That is why you can focus on your business exclusively.

The system allows you to earn dashcoins through the so-called “faucet mechanism”. Keep in mind that another name for Dashcoin is Darcoin. The currency was rebranded, but besides its name, nothing else was ever changed.

Dashcoin has a number of advantages over Bitcoin: 1) instant money transfers and transactions; 2) a higher level of anonymity; 3) the x11 unique mining protocol; 4) difficulty calculation is highly automated, optimized and intuitive; 5) large coin reserves (up to 22 million coins); 6) a unique system of network keys responsible for the key functions;

Dashcoin’s market capitalization has reached approximately $17-20 million. Considering the fact that the daily turnover exceeds $200,000, we can say that Dashcoin is quite stable. What’s interesting is that one cycle of full block computation takes only 2.5 minutes, which is 5 times faster than Bitcoin’s.


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