Symbol CLUB
Established 10.10.2015
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
Off. announcement​ Link
Founder BitClubDev
Algorithm Scrypt
Protocol POW/POS
Reviews 0 / 0

Clubcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency and a decentralized and consensus-based system. Launched in 2015 by BitClub. ClubCoin allows users to make instant money transfers, pay for goods and services online, exchange currency and much more with very low fees.

Originally, this currency used proof-of-work system to generate coins. However, it now uses the POS protocol that rewards users for keeping coins in their account. The current reward is 20% annually.

ClubCoin has it's own Blockchain and distributed network of nodes that make it almost immune to attacks, and it is hard to get 51% consensus. ClubCoin also boasts a powerful Block Explorer.

ClubCoin is secure with up-to-date encryption technologies. Merchants can accept this coin risk-free and customers are able to pay with ClubCoins anywhere in the world.


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