Symbol CLAM
Established 24.05.2014
Website URL Link
Block explorer Link
Off. announcement​ Link
Founder SuperClam
Algorithm Transaction fee
Protocol POC/POS
Reviews 0 / 0

Clams was launched on May 24, 2014. This digital currency introduced a brand new generating system - Proof-of-Chain. Thanks to this system, every active BTC, LTC and DOGE user, whose account balance had been positive, received approximately 4,6 clams prior to Clams’ official launch.

The PoC protocol was designed to give rise to a cryptocurrency with the largest possible initial market presence. After the initial distribution, Clams switched to Proof-of-Working-Stakes which was designed by the Clams team. PoWS helped with the creation of a highly secure network that consumes significantly less power. The idea behind the PoWS protocol is that every minute one user is randomly selected for Clams transaction processing. Eventually, the user gets 1 CLAM as a reward.

It is really easy to get started with Clams. All you have to do is download and install a piece of software. Once your Clam client is connected and synchronized with the network, you can start trading with others.


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