Symbol CPC
Established 06.07.2015
Website URL Link
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Founder CapricoinOfficial
Algorithm X11
Protocol POW/POS
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Capricoin is a cryptocurrency that makes it possible to instantly transfer money to anyone in the world with almost zero fees. Corporate clients can operate large financial streams. In order to prevent inflation, the total number of Capricoins has been limited to 200 million coins.

This cryptocurrency used the POW protocol to generate the first block, and right after that, it switched to the proof-of-stake generating system. Capricoin's goal is to become as accessible to users as possible capitalizing on its user-friendly wallet software.

You can earn Capricoins by keeping your account balance within the positive range. Users can store their funds either on their personal computers at home or in online wallets.

Due to the simplicity of Capricoin's integration, merchants can accept payments from all users worldwide. Capricoin is a secure and anonymous payment solution that will help you manage your finances and pay for goods and services.


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