Symbol BTS
Established 20.07.2014
Website URL Link
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Founder Daniel Larimer
Algorithm Transaction fee
Protocol DPOS
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BitShares is a cryptocurrency as well as a financial blockchain smart contracts platform. The currency is the 8th largest by market cap, worth approximately $23 million.

It was founded by Daniel Larimer in late 2013. BitShares boasts a blocktime of 3 seconds which is exactly how fast a transmission travels from the farthest corner of Earth to the server, and it still manages to get into the current block. BitShares offers a number of exceptional features: a built-in decentralized exchanger, readable addresses, an ability to create crypto assets and send them to other wallets or trade them, and an original power structure within which users can vote.

Bitshares is available on Microsoft Azure. The template launches a BitShares node and a command-line wallet on Ubuntu Linux. The blockchain is maintained and validated by witness nodes which produce one block every 3 seconds – a lot faster than most blockchains.

Not long ago, BitShares was upgraded to version 2.0 which introduced an improved smart chain. The smart chain is a platform for thousands of competing chains that offer various services around the world.


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