Symbol BCX
Established 10.01.2014
Website URL Link
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Founder jackofall1232
Algorithm SHA-256
Protocol POW/POS
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This cryptocurrency came online on January 10, 2014.

Battlecoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm and is a hybrid of the Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake protocols. The SHA-256 algorithm ensures that BTC miners can easily mine BCX with their mining rigs. Battlecoin offers a generous 1% staking interest every 10 days.

Battlecoin is a funny cryptocurrency that has serious potential. The Battlecoin team of developers has grandiose plans for the future and is currently negotiating with game developers that can make Battlecoin a payment method in their games. At this moment, Battlecoin is accepted as a payment method by some online stores.

The increasingly popular coin was released with a higher difficulty level to prevent ASIC instamine. Eventually, there will be 100 million battlecoins in circulation.

“BCX is a warrior from a land far away sent to slay these dragons and restore order to the land. The battlefield lay littered with dead and dying dragons. He postures up on his faithful steed, raises his sword to take another slice at one more dragon. Our warrior is outnumbered. The dragons keep coming he needs YOUR HELP… It is now your turn. Pick up your sword, put on your armor, march into battle and help us save the land from total destruction. The Time has come – Battlecoin.”


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