Symbol ADZ
Established 25.11.2015
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Founder survivordj
Algorithm X11
Protocol POW
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AdzCoin is a new cryptocurrency that was designed to help website owners and make web surfing comfortable and fast for all.

Website owners often have to put ads on their websites so that by doing it they could pay for the sites' maintenance. But due to the rise of ad-blocking applications, such measures have become virtually meaningless.

This is why many services have to close down. Their spots are taken by other websites whose policies are based on paid content. In order to stop this trend and give content creators an opportunity to progress without having to resort to ads, AdzCoin was created.

AdzCoins can be gotten ahold of either through mining or on certain websites. These coins can be donated to remarkable website owners or content creators at a later time. In this way, users can keep using ad blockers, while content creators can earn money without the need to use ads.

AdzCoin is based on the X11 algorithm and uses the proof of work protocol for coin generation. Coins can be stored in either online wallets or in Microsoft Windows powered wallets. Blocks are generated every 60 seconds which is conducive to shorter transaction processing times.


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  • jobb

    good the projecjt

    By zuna ( 125.165.4.* ) 2018-08-08 05:36 0 Comments Add a Comment
  • oui


    By bettine ( 77.203.26.* ) 2018-02-08 04:34 0 Comments Add a Comment

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