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Z-payment is an electronic payment solution which supports various payment methods, including bank transfers and SMS-payments. It was created back in 2002 and has partnerships with many other online services.

Anyone can register and start making payments from home. You don't have to install any software in order to add funds to your account. Enterpreuners can enjoy a simple way of receiving orders online.

You can set up special payment confirmation procedures via e-mail, SMS or HTTP in case you need supporting documentation with official contracts. You can use the service without signing a contract, but you will still have to verify some information.

There are numerous ways of depositing and withdrawing funds. There are 13 types of accounts, for example personal and corporate accounts. Each one has its own benefits and requirements.

In order to start using Z-payment you'll have to spend approximately 15 minutes of your precious time to get some payment tools integrated into your website.


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