RBK Money

RBK Money
Country Russia
Active since 10.06.2008
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Supported Currencies USD
Affiliate Program No
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Being a multi-currency payment system, RBK Money enables its customers to instantly pay for utilities, communication services, internet access, e-shopping on a PC or a smatphone (iOS or Android). It takes just a few clicks.

You can also donate to charitable organizations, pay for presents, flowers or other services. You can use bank transfers and payment terminals to add funds to your account. The same applies to withdrawals.

There are different types of membership. Personal accounts are used for casual activities like traveling. Business accounts help with collecting money and salary payments to employees. There are different fees for each type of accounts.

An e-wallet is a simple way to keep up with many payments: it's easy to create, it's free to top up. There is a 24/7 customer support service and no fees.

A verification procedure is in place for your own safety: in order to get access to a wallet, you have to complete this procedure.


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  • welcome.rbk.money

    Использую платежный сервис welcome.rbk.money для оплаты услуг в интернете, оплаты никогда не задерживаются поэтому этим сервисом вполне доволен

    By ret568 ( 185.137.18.* ) 2017-09-30 11:16 0 Comments Add a Comment

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