Country Belize
Active since 04.06.2008
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Supported Currencies USD
Affiliate Program Yes
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Payweb is yet another online payment system. It features two types of accounts: personal and business. It issues its own debit cards.

Payweb enables you to send and receive money instantly, pay for online shopping and, if you get a Payweb debit card, withdraw money with the help of any ATM and buy groceries in convenience stores.

Online shopping is safe with Payweb: no need to send any information whenever you place an order. Money transfers are carried out very quickly. It takes just a few minutes to type in a couple of words and digits.

The registration process is standard. You need to fill out a form, entering your e-mail address and login. You will get an ID, which you will use for all of your transactions. It's important to keep this ID safe and sound, since it is the only key to your account.

If you get a Payweb debit card, you will be able to manage your account at any time at any place just like with any other card. In order to get it you'll have to provide a scanned copy of your ID and verify your home address by sending a copy of one of your utility bills. There are numerous way of withdrawing and and depositing funds.


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