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Liqpay serves personal and business needs. It can be embedded into your website as a payment tool for purchasing goods and services. Liqpay is mostly used to pay for such services as World of tanks and MTS.

There is a fixed fee of 2.75% per transaction involving Visa or MasterCard.

Liqpay provides a fast and secure way of money transfer. All service fees are paid by recipients.

A transaction usually takes 1 business day.

Security. Liqpay offers highly secured services. A two-step approach to your purchases: the system first investigates whether the requested item is in stock or not, freezing the transaction, and if it is, then continues to process the transaction. Liqpay uses various security methods like the 3d-secure technology, CVV, Deepmemo. All transactions are displayed in the payment history box (you can also sign up for e-mail notifications).

Invoice acceptance (possible even without internet access) and refunds (partial and complete money returns) are available on business accounts.


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