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Active since 17.06.2016
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Supported Currencies AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP
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Flexepin is an e-currency that helps users around the world perform online payments safely and quickly. Electronic money can be helpful in many situations — from money transfers to making purchases in the online shop. For those who do not wish to use payment cards or provide financial information when paying online, Flexepin is the perfect solution. The payment process is very simple:
— The user purchases a Flexepin voucher, on which a unique PIN code is indicated.
— When making purchases on the network or paying for services, the user chooses the payment method — Flexepin
— To complete a payment it is enough to enter the PIN code indicated on the voucher.
This e-currency is supported by a variety of sale points around the world. Flexepin will help you make safe payments without disclosing financial information. Now paying for purchases and services online is just as easy as paying with cash.


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