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FasaPay Perfect Money OKPAY BTC

FasaPay is an electronic payment system of PT Fasa Centra Artajaya, located in Indonesia. It provides digital payment services to different online stores which belong to FasaPay. It's available 24 hours 7 days a week. It guarantees very quick and secure money transfers. Some e-currency transfers are automated: API, SCI and IPN.

If you are a FasaPay customer, you can make online purchases and transfer money to other FasaPay customers. Deposits and withdrawals can be done through banks. The deposit and withdrawal fee is 0,5%, and the maximum tax amount is $5.00.

FasaPay is safe to use, since all information about transfers is encrypted by AES-256. All account data is protected by the Hardware RAID technology, meaning that all personal information is stored on separate hard drives. This service guarantees high transaction speeds.

FasaPay means that all of your transfers are safe and your personal data is never accessed by third parties.


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