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The Electronic Payments Association is a London-based online payment service provider which makes the process of accessing subsidiary commissions more pleasing to people. It shows the economic effect of money transfers throughout the world.

Freelancers, online publishers, webmasters and content providers can use the service for free. Customers from countries with trading embargoes can’t use prepaid cards (Cuba, N. Korea, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan etc).

You can make payments in dollars and euros at reduced costs.

You are able to transfer 10$ at first and then the maximum amount goes up to 20,000$. You can deposit up to 10,000$ at a time and withdraw up to $3,000 of cash daily. An ePayments Prepaid Mastercard allows you to pay online, withdraw cash from ATMs and even attach it to a Paypal account.

An annual membership (Mastercard inclusive) costs $34.95. The ATM transaction fee is $1.50. If you haven't used your account for 6 months ago or more you'll have to pay 10$.

Being managed by professionals and governed by the UK law, the ePayments association offers a good way of transferring money and guarantees high levels of security. This is why it is so popular with so many people throughout the world.


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  • не регистрируйтесь там!

    Эта шарага не регистрируйтесь там! выманивают кучу документов даже не относящихся. Собирают инфу и парят мозг!!! Сама по себе это еврейская организация - семейный бизнес. Отвечает на саппорт жена директора из Израиля. Я имею ввиду русский саппорт. Полный бред! я не мог зарегистрировать там юр. счет предоставляя всю информацию. Им все больше и больше надо. Отправив все я их послал нахрен! НЕ РЕГИСТРИРУЙТЕСЬ! ОБВЕДУТ ВОКРУГ ПАЛЬЦА. Есть нормальные платежки аналогичные там и проценты ниже! жаль что я в эту первую нырнул, потерял 25 дней в саппорте!

    By sergey881 ( 51.75.203.* ) 2019-02-25 02:48 0 Comments Add a Comment

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